Mistress Stella For Cam To Cam Sex With Slaves

October 20, 2019

Mistress Stella For Cam To Cam Sex With Slaves

October 20, 2019

Mistress Stella - Slave training, sissy chat

I am a very discriminating Mistress. I seek players who are gracious, sincere, passionate, and playful. I require that my submissives also be discriminating, and therefore they should read my site carefully before contacting me to be sure that I am worth their time to contact.



The following are some of my interests, the activities I enjoy engaging in as a dominant or top:

1) Boot, Stocking, and Foot fetish cams & Worship
2) Ritual, Teasing, and Denial
3) Nipple Torture
4) CBT
5) Spanking
6) Corporal Punishment, Including Floggers and Crops
7) Your Being Dominated by Two Women at Once
8) Verbal Humiliation - Humiliation cams
9) Restraint (Bondage)
10) Sensory Deprivation (blindfolds, hoods, gags, etc.)
11) Sensory Experience (hot wax, fur, spiky items, etc.)
12) Water Sports, Including Spitting
13) Smoking and Cigarette Torture - Smoking fetish cams
14) Feminization, With or Without Cross Dressing

If you enjoy fewer than three of these activities, or there are more than three of your interests that are not listed here, we may be incompatible. 

There may be more interests entertained once you have done a session based upon your responses to these interests, but these are the ones with which we will get to know each other.

 I prefer spontaneity to a structured session and I know that if we are compatible you will enjoy it more as well.

You may find it useful to cut and paste the list into your email, then respond to each item with the letter corresponding to your answer, based on how you feel about being the submissive or bottom in each of these activities:

A: It’s a favourite activity.
B: I enjoy it, but it’s not a favourite.
C: I have not done it, but would like to try under the right conditions.
D: I have fantasized about it, but not enjoyed it in practice.
E: I am not at all interested in this activity.
F: I don’t know what it is.

I am experienced enough to gauge your level of endurance for each activity by your responses during a session. You may request mercy during a session, but you must request it formally by saying, “Mercy, Mistress!” 

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After the first session, you may comment if you would enjoy having the intensity increased for a particular activity.

It is not necessary to tell me not to mark you. Unless you have unusually easily marked skin (which you should certainly tell me, if you know it to be the case), I will not mark you unless you both request and earn the privilege of bearing my marks.

Please do not pretend to like activities simply in order to suck up to me, as you may rest assured that I will engage in the activities you say we share an interest in.

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