Meet Mistress Minxy

October 20, 2019

Meet Mistress Minxy

October 20, 2019

Meet Mistress Minx

Playful. Seductive. Unexpected.

I entered the world of Female Dominance from the world of Female Submission. I know what it is to truly surrender. I have been held in the arms of a powerful dominant teacher - and I have learned well. I have invested long and hard in my training. I am not simply a pretty face, a leather vest and a curvy figure. 

I am not a model all dressed up in S&M clothing, pretending to be able to fulfil a fantasy of female dominance. When you enter my dark, little dungeon - you will be entering a sacred space.

I come to you as your playful and rigorous trainer. You will love my laugh and you will find bliss in surrendering to me.

I will hold the bar high. But you will find the rewards to be priceless.

I know deep joy and unmatched pleasure that can come from learning how to completely let go and allow another to carry your weight for a little. I know the bliss of releasing all thought but the present moment. You will learn to breathe deeply with me.

I know what it is to be the object of desire. I know what it is to give obedience. Now it is your turn.

I know what you are seeking - even if you are not quite clear yet. Together - we will help you become clearer.

If you can learn to trust me and just let go into my strong, beautiful hands - I will guide you to this land that I call "Power, Surrender and Intimacy".

In order to offer sessions of the highest quality - I only take four clients a week. Please take the time to read what I am offering, my interests and my rules before contacting me. My time is precious. Do not waste it.

Who is Welcome

  • All Genders and Sexual Orientations. Individuals and Couples. Novices and Advanced Players. Explorers in the realm of Bd/Sm. Foot Worshipers. Goddess Worshipers. Sissies. Those seeking consultations, and are looking for education, support and guidance. I am also available to work with couples where one is vanilla and one is not. I have a compassionate heart and I will work with you to ensure your highest good.

My Interests

  • I enjoy all manner of making you squirm.
  • I love feeling your divine devotion to being in service to me
  • Teasing and Denial are especially fun!
  • Tickling
  • Sensation Play
  • Impact Play
  • Spanking
  • OTK
  • I especially enjoy any type of foot fetish play & specialize in foot fetish cams when home alone
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Flogging
  • Light Bondage
  • Feminine Training - I can work with you on clothing choices, and on the art of being female. 
  • Humiliation - Any type of humiliation is what I thrive on - humiliation cams for degradation verbal abuse and more
  • We can do makeovers and lots of other fun girl stuff. Have you ever traded manicures? Have you ever gotten dressed up and gone out to high tea with a Mistress? My imagination is endless.
  • Foot Worship - I have truly beautiful size 8 to 8 1/2 inch feet. It truly depends on the shoes! I always keep my feet clean and polished. I have incredibly sexy toes. I enjoy a foot bath and massage and then resting my feet on my submissive footstool. Sometimes, I allow my devotees to give me a pedicure. I have a collection of boots and shoes that I enjoy modelling. You are welcome to bring me shoes as a tribute. If I like them, I will wear them for you.
  • Domestic Discipline
  • Sissy Play - I deeply enjoy making my Sissies Pretty. I love helping them shop online or in Fetish Shops. I deeply enjoy doing makeovers, and having Sissy Parties! We can even play with dolls, do manicures, facials, and have a tea party! Sissies need a lot of training - and it is important to find the right Mistress to make sure that your training is proper. I especially enjoy pulling down frilly panties to give my Sissy and good hard spanking. Do you have Sissy friends? We can have a group party!
  • Naughty Children/Age Play
  • Mistress/Slave
  • Shopping Service/Torture - I love a submissive who enjoys shopping with me and for me. I deeply enjoy my submissive lacing me up into various outfits in the dressing rooms. Getting me different sizes - helping me try on shoes. I also deeply enjoy taking my submissive shopping at fetish and sex shops. Together, we will look at various toys - and perhaps buy them to add to your personal collection of mine. It is very delicious to go through all the possibilities and then take some back to the dungeon to play with later!
  • Public Play in Clubs (two-hour evening weekend sessions ) - Have you ever played in public? I love public play. We will meet at a public dungeon - I will allow you to wear a mask. I will take you through all of the paces that are available and please me. You will be the centre of attention from time to time. Occasionally crowds will form, and voyeurs will watch jealously. You will feel all the eyes on us. How exciting does that feel?
  • Puppy Play and Training - I love puppies!!! And I work near a park where I can take my puppy for a walk! You can heel, can’t you?
  • Supervising Housework - There are always dishes to do and toilets that need scrubbing.
  • Discreet Public Training Sessions (three-hour booking) - Imagine my high heel under the table while you look into my eyes. No spilling of your glass of wine will be tolerated.

Perhaps you are up for a bit of an adventure?

I am deeply honoured to be able to offer double pro dom and domina sessions with my colleague, the very handsome Master Markus. Have you ever thought about being commanded by a woman to be submissive to a man?
 How would it feel to have me tell Master Markus that I would enjoy watching you be spanked? How would it feel to have to hold my gaze while Master Markus tortures you? Oh, the possibilities......

What Does Not Interest Me

  • Golden or Brown Showers
  • Enemas
  • Diaper Play
  • Sounds
  • Complete Sensory Deprivation
  • Needles or Blood Play


Before you contact me

 Beware that I am a professional. When you speak to me introduce yourself in a courteous, polite and concise manner.
  • I will want to know a little bit about the type of experiences you have had in the past, and what you would like to currently explore.
  • As I only take a limited amount of clients - I will want to get a feeling of how well you express yourself, and if I will be able to connect with you in a way that will serve you. It’s not just about your body - if is also about your mind. Let me get to know you.
  • We will establish guidelines and I will respect your limits, but understand that I will help you expand them.

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